Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rocky and Li

Sunlight, tall grass and a cool breeze. It was a perfect day in every way, shape and form. The two bodies lay sprawled and relaxed as the wind raced over them - the sun warming and the breeze cooling in harmonious warmth.

Li rolled over off her back on onto her side. She eyed her brother as he dozed. She wanted to pounce on him, but knew it wasn’t a good idea. Best to let him lie.

“Rocky?” She sighed, bored and wanting some of her brother’s attention. “Rocky?”

“What, Li?” He didn’t move. His eyes were closed and he looked like he wanted to keep them that way.

“Ever think about the old house?” She hoped he’d bite. “The old family and all?”
“Yeah.” He yawned and prayed she’d stop talking, but knew she wouldn’t.

“You remember Them? The kids and the parents and all of them?” She was excited.

“Yes, Li. I remember them.” He sighed and sat up. He smacked his lips and pried his eye lids apart. The sun was bright and hurt his eyes. He squinted. “What’s all this about?”

“I just wondered. You know. If you ever thought about them. Why they left.”

Rocky knew what she was after. This came up when things were slow. Feelings for the old life they led. The old house and the people in it. She got sad and happy thinking about them and it always lead to a conversation. Always.

“I think they just had to go. They needed to, move on.”

“Think they did the same to her? Got rid of her or asked her to move out or something?”

“What? Iman?” He frowned. “I thought you knew what happened to her.” He watched as his somewhat dim sister shook her head no. He paused, then said, “She died.”

“Died?” Li’s eyes went wide. “She died?”

“Yes Li. She went away, remember? She was having all those issues, started lashing out at people, went away and died.”

Li held her head down for a moment and thought. The smell of the grasses filled her nostrils and the cool breeze ran over her. She was so sad. “I didn’t understand that.”

“Well...that was it. Just like when Bess died here. Buried her and all that.”

“I didn’t see it, though. I thought she just...left.”

“Well, she did.” Rocky coughed. “Anyway, she’s gone. The family is gone somewhere - most likely not dead. The guy...he left and everyone left after that, remember?” He got up and stretched. “And the big guy brought us to that place and we ended up out here.”

The two took a moment to look around. The farm house looked warm and orange in the glow of the sun. The barn and silo to the right of it loomed brightly and the animals that roamed the barnyard seemed happy and active. This was a nice place and had suited them well. Plenty of space. Room to move around. And good food to eat. It worked well.

“I miss ‘em, Rocky. Especially those kids.” She giggled to herself as she thought back. “They were so adorable.”

“Yeah. Yeah they were.” He nudged his sister. “And now we’re here and taking care of Bill and Julie.”

Li nodded. “I know. I know.”

A voice chimed out from the farmhouse. “Rocket! Lightning! Come on doggies!”
Rocket and Lightning looked to the farmhouse. Their rich brown coats glistened in the sun.

“Race ya!” Li huffed and sprinted to the farmhouse. Her tail spun round as she sprinted forward with Rocket right behind her. The two dogs arrived at the porch together and pranced around their new, loving owners.

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Carrie Glassmeyer said...

This is awesome!!! I love that twist!!! I smiled at the end, terrific Malco! You do have a talent...

I would change the phrase "stood up" to "got up" in the 18th paragraph, 2nd sentence...that would be a "critique" though, only b/c its a human term and dogs dont stand up. but if you say "got up", no one would be the wiser...

i read and re-read and re-read and have more comments, but only if you want them--but you are a terrific writer and everything I have read so far, i can see in a short story/anthology of some kind...its truly amazing.

maybe i should send some of mine to you and you can critique?