Wednesday, January 14, 2009


People walked through the terminal with a strange pace, Clara thought. They were not running, yet they had a sense of urgency that was frightfully apparent. They reminded her of ants. They moved with purpose and limited vision. She hoped she didn’t look like them. She wanted nothing to do with them. Nothing at all.
She re-read the line she left off on in her book.
“"I sat by the ships, a useless burden, though there are better in Assembly- so may this strife of men and gods be done with."
Clara frowned and thought about the line. Something in her heart sank. Her lip quivered slightly and she glanced up and through the window as a 747 rose off the strip and into the air.
“Clara Ponty. Clara Ponty. White courtesy telephone, please.”
Clara looked around and bent the corner of her books page down, closing it for later. She stood and brushed her hand over her leg to smooth her skirt before moving. She strolled out into the aisle and glanced around for the phone. Spotting it, she moved towards it with grace and calm. She lifted it from the cradle and listened as the operator rang through.
“This is Clara Ponty. I had a call?”
“Yes, one moment please.”
Clara looked around as two large officers moved towards her. She didn't panic.
“Scott?” Clara frowned. How had he known she was here?
“Hey, Baby. Long time no see.” His voice was bitter.
The two security officers grew closer.
“What the fuck do you want, Scott?”
“Have your bags been in your possession the whole time?”
“What?” She watched as the guards laid their hands on their guns, moving closer to her still.
“Has anyone else been in possession of your bag, Clara?”
A chill ran over her. “”Scott?”
“Checkmate.” The phone went dead.
“Hello Ms. Ponty? Will you come with us please?” The security officer’s voice was as sweet as honey. His partner stood to her side. His hand rested on his gun.
Clara dropped her book to the ground.

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