Saturday, January 31, 2009

The light of his life

He took in the scene for a moment. He never wanted to forget it. The cool freshness of it in his mind. The overwhelming feeling of wanting to commit every detail to memory. The way she looked. How she smelled. How she felt and tasted on this, the most special night of his life. The aura of beauty drifted over and around her like mist. She was a fine wine. An angel. Perfect in every way shape and form. Her curves filled him with a desire that he didn’t even know he was capable of. He was mad with the very essence of her being. He never wanted to leave her side.
“And, that should do it, Mr. Coleman.”
He tore himself away from her for a moment, looking from the window to the middle aged man across the table from him. “Um….thank you.”
“Enjoy it. It was a pleasure doing business with you.” The man stood and shook Steve Coleman’s hand, then handed him the keys to his new car.
“Oh, I will.” Steve Coleman’s smile was wider than it ever had been. He felt the salesman’s hand pat his back as he turned to go, but he didn’t look back. Papers in hand, he made his way to the door with an absent thank you tossed behind him like an afterthought.
He wanted to run to her, but he walked briskly instead. He wanted to make this moment last.
He opened the door and got behind the wheel, closing the door gently behind himself. He drew in a breath and inserted the key in the ignition.
The car roared to life and he felt complete.

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