Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wine 01: Bread and cheese

“So anyway, he just sits there like an idiot while she takes off all her clothes and dives in. The whole thing goes off as expected with her and Francois disappearing into the woods and those damn dogs chasing him off into the dark. I tell you, if I had a girl like her, I wouldn’t let her jump into a pool with a Frenchman. Especially one like – what the hell is that?”

He points and my eyes follow. The smoke from his cigarette burns my eyes and I rub at the left one absently while trying to focus my right. I scan the street and wave my hand in front of my face to get the smoke away. The Chinese food I’ve eaten makes my stomach gurgle and roil.

“What?” I cough. He doesn’t get the hint.

“That girl with that guy. Her dress is just blowing up and she’s not doing a thing about it. Awesome.” He flicks the cigarette away points again.

This time I see her. A woman walks away from us with a man at her side. Her dress is some sort of lightweight material that blows up with the slightest gust. I’ve seen this before. I mean, this is what guys look at as gifts in this world. The off chance you’ll see a woman’s panties as she exits a car or catches an off gust up her dress. And not the paparazzi shots of movie stars in magazines and the internet. The face to face – as it were – chance occurrence. As if the Gods above are rewarding you for some good deed you didn’t know you had done.

I raise my eyebrows as the wind catches her dress again. She wears a thong and her ample backside swishes from one side to the other as she continues down the street without trying to stop it.

“Wow.” That’s all I manage before Steve up and moving towards the store. I follow, like always.

Steve opens his arms wide. “Must be nice to be that free, you know? To let your ass fly free for all to see without trying to hide it away. I guess it is just a butt. We all have one. But still, it’s cool to see a woman just let it all hang out like that.” A tiny, Asian woman glares at him, but he doesn't care.

“Mine is nowhere near as curvy, round and perfect as hers.”

This catches him off guard and he looks at me and laughs hard. “Funny.”

We move into the store and start wandering the aisles in search of food. I’m not hungry at all – the miscommunication of the afternoon’s activities making me think I needed to be fed before the party. The Chinese food would have been gladly left for a solid deli sandwich.

“I’m not hungry. I’ll just grab a bag of cookies or something.”

“You’d bring a gun to a knife fight.” He laughs again. “Cookies to a wine party is classic James.”

I think of things I could say back. Not telling me what the hell is going on and blowing smoke in my face is classic Steve. I say nothing.

“You should get bread and cheese or something. That’s wine food.” He motions to another girl with his head and I look.

She’s wearing a delightful summer outfit. She’s very 70s hippy feeling and very pretty. Her blouse is flowing and her jeans tight. She wears sneakers and a fedora. She moves like a dancer - graceful and with purpose. I scan her body and run my hand over the box of baking powder in front of me for show. trying to look like I'm just a simple shopper. She’s very cute. Her full frame sways with each step and I feel like her hips are hypnotizing me. I move up her body and note the seeming lack of a bra. When I get back to her adorable face, I see that she's’s staring right at me. I smile clumsily as she smirks and moves off down row. “Great.” I look for Steve and he’s nowhere to be found.

I make my way down the bread aisle and before I even know what I’m doing and pulling a loaf of sourdough off the shelf. I feel ill and I’m not sure if it’s because of the Chinese food or because I can’t not do what Steve suggests. I just need t find a lump of fucking cheese and get to the party.
I pick up my pace and move to the cheese area. There are a few out for tasting and I slip a toothpick from the cup next to the tray and spear a wedge. As I’m bringing it to my mouth, someone says, “That was mine.”

I stop and hold the cheese inches from my mouth as I turn to see the hippy girl frowning at me.

“You totally snaked my cheese, dude.” She shoves her hat back away from her face and a strand of blonde hair drifts down in front of her right eye. She swipes it back behind her ear.

I stare not knowing what to do.

“Are you just going to eat my cheese without an introduction? It seems really rude.” She places her hand on her hips, swings her basket back and forth and narrows her eyes. “I mean, it’s very forward of you, yeah?”

I glance at the cheese and she laughs. Her small breasts bounce and I think I’m in love. I watch as she takes a toothpick, spears a small cube of cheese, and pops it into her mouth. “Fine. Go ahead and take it. But I’m not sure if I can trust you ever again.” She smiles and wanders off with basket in hand.

I slide the cheese into my mouth and watch her walk toward the checkout. She looks back and smiles wide as a hand strikes the center of my back. I wince and turn to see Steve smiling with that I told you so smirk of his.

“Bread and cheese. Good call. Get this one and let’s roll. We’re going to be late.” He picks up a wedge of some yellow cheese wrapped in plastic and lays it on top of my bread, then heads off towards the checkout.

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