Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chit chat

The apartment was warm and inviting. Music played low on the computer and the smell of cooking food filled the air. The space was small, but comfortable. The three people sitting in the living room drank beer from pint glasses and talked while waiting for the food to be ready.
“So, did he do it right or did he fuck it all up like everything else he does?” Kevin sipped at his beer, then laughed when he saw Tabitha’s face curl into a sneer. “I’m kidding! Geez.”
“He’s really, really good.” Tabitha giggled playfully as she rubbed Mike’s leg. “He’s amazing.”
“I find that hard to believe.” Kevin winked and finished his beer. “Another?”
“Go to hell?” Mike grinned. “I mean, sure. Thanks.” He grinned, downed the last of his beer, then handed the glass to Kevin.
“Oh, I’m sure I’ll be in hell at some point. I mean besides the day to day hell at my stupid job.” Kevin snapped Tabitha’s glass up without asking if she wanted another. “Working for that dumbass and his team of dumbasses.”
“At least it’s consistently shit.” Tabitha kissed Mike and whispered something into his ear.
“True. Nice to know what to expect every day. I feel better.” Kevin poured three more Pale Ales and returned to the living room. “Viola.” He passed the beer around, then fell back into his chair – master of his domain. “Thanks for coming by, guys. Nice to see you.”
“Sure thing. I mean, it was really just for the beer, but it’s nice to see you, man.” Mike took a sip.
Tabitha slapped his leg.
“So, anything new on the dating front?” Mike crossed his legs and rested his beer on his knee.
“Yeah, actually there is.” Kevin took a sip and leaned forward. “I’m wanking like…three times a day now instead of two.”
“Gross.” Tabitha shook her head.
“Um…let’s see, what else? Oh! That girl down at the coffee place that I saw twice? Remember?””
“Yeah yeah – Marilyn Monroe?”
“Yeah, her.” Kevin nodded emphatically to Mike.
“Oh, I’d love to be Marilyn Monroe.” Tabitha swooned, then snarled out, “Of course, I’d be dead, but…” She sipped.
“Yeah, well she’s out of the picture.”
“I thought that was all going well,” Mike said as he frowned. “What happened?”
“She’s a bit too Bible Belt for me. She and I were watching one of the Harry Potter films and things went odd.”
“Which one?” Tabitha blinked.
“Um…the one where Volde-whatsis is trying to kill him.”
“Oh, I liked that one.” Tabitha smiled wide.
“So, we were watching the film, the thing ends, then – literally out of NOWHERE – she asks how I feel about abortion.”
Mike dribbled beer and laughed as he pushed off the sofa and ran to the kitchen for a towel.
“That’s strange, man.” Tabitha scowled. “Just, out of the blue?”
“WHAT the fuck?!” Mike returned running a towel over his chin and shirt. “What the hell was that about?”
“No clue. It was strange. This is after, you know, letting me ravage her. Like that was ok, but abortion was a sin. I was so confused.” He shook his head and sighed.
“So, she asked and what?” Tabitha put her glass down and rested her elbows on her knees.”
“She pressed me to answer.”
“And?” Tabitha smiled wide.
“And I said that I thought it was ok in some cases.” He sipped, then added, “And that women had the right to choose for themselves – keep the government and church out of it.”
“Wow.” Mike nodded.
“And she?”
“Flipped out. She stood up, wriggled into her pants and said that she couldn’t be with someone like me. Saved me the trouble of making an exit. It was kinda strange. I mean, minutes before she was…well…” He wriggled his eyebrows.
“Gross.” Tabitha winked at Mike and leaned back on the sofa.
“Anyway…three times a day,” Kevin sighed.
Mike pursed his lips, then bent down and patted Tabitha’s leg. “What about hooking him up with your cousin?”
Tabitha grabbed her beer and said, “I don’t think Kevin is his type.” Her face was like stone as she drank.
“Funny.” Kevin chuckled and stood. “I’ll go wither in the kitchen. With the roast.”
“We love you, Kevin!” Tabitha stood and moved into the kitchen with him, rubbing at his neck and making kissing noises.
Mike followed behind, beer in hand. “You washed your hands before making dinner, right Kevin?”

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