Thursday, April 08, 2010

Read'N'Dash Fiction: Happy

As I sit and stare out the window at the glorious pacific and the warm breeze slips over my skin, I can't stop smiling. The Ink Spots sing about a lazy river and I get it. I understand the feeling. I stretch out and wiggle my toes as I bask in the glory of the old tune.

Blue skies up above, everyone's in love. Up a lazy river, how happy you could be. Up a lazy river with me.

“Damn straight!” I giggle and sip my vodka up with a twist.

The tune changes to Round Midnight – a jazzy version with sax and attitude – and I feel like crying. What a perfect moment. What a perfect day.

The sun sets slowly over the pacific and I stare at the waves as the glisten and play.

It makes no sense, but I want scream. I want everyone to know just how happy I am right now.

I take another sip of vodka and the twist slaps playfully at my tongue as the liquid slithers down my throat.

I'm glorious.
I'm the pacific waves dancing in the last light of day.
I'm happy.

I know that tomorrow, I'll claw and clutch at memories trying to remember this feeling. This moment.

I hope I'm can.

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