Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hither and Thither

She – 30-something, slightly awkward, sharp dresser and leaning towards the hot teacher look that is popular with the kids these days. She is a lawyer and very good at it, but has a passion for the sublime.

He – as awkward and as snappy a dresser. He's finishing his coffee as he moves back down the street to his advertising offices – ready to lie to the masses about just how good it is and just how cool it will be for them to have it. He's likes the lies and cherishes coming up with them.

Cars pass as they would any other day. Their wheels roll over the hot, black asphalt as the sun gleams down from the sky all fire and light. Passing and passing again, they carry their occupants hither and thither. Hither and thither. Hot metal, oil and fuel.

He savors the last of his coffee, then looks at the cup like an old friend that is going away for a long trip. Like something he'll miss and long for until they meet again. He loves his coffee. He turns and deftly tosses the cup into the trash can on the corner, then stops to take a look at his city surroundings. He soaks in the last of the sun he'll see for the day before diving back into his office to toil.

She checks the time on her $230 time piece – at $230 it ceases to be a watch – and smiles as she sees that her brisk pace has put her in the green and with time to spare. Time to spare? She picks up the pace and rounds the corner.

He turns on his heal and heads off towards his building.

She bumps directly into him and her arms grip his shoulders.

He slips his hand around her waist and pulls her close as they twirl.

Time crashes to a halt for a moment. A delicious moment.

Gravity fails to pull them to the ground, foiled by coffee honed reflexes and guilt powered 24 Hour Fitness visits.

They spin, man and woman, and stare into each other's eyes briefly as the heat of the day fuels the fire within them. Her hair falls free and he runs a hand through it and she moves her head closer.

Their lips touch soft as birds wings on the air.

They kiss. It's soft and slow and makes butterflies fill their stomachs and their heads spin. Their tongues slither and their hands grasp and grope with an animal simplicity that they both welcome with open arms and passionate gazes.


He runs a hand down her back, then releases her.

She touches his face with her fingertips as she drags her teeth over his bottom lip lightly – pulling at the soft pink flesh playfully as their mouths separate.

They smile to each other, then move on down the crowded, bustling street and away from each other.

Hither and thither.

The sun continues to shine down from on high.

Tires roll across dark, hot asphalt.

Heat fills the city canyons and washes over the pedestrians that scurry like ants.

He'll get another coffee after work.

She'll see about leaving work ten minutes early tonight as a treat.

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