Monday, May 25, 2009

Nice Guy

The conversation took it’s usual twists and turns as the night wore on. What was once looked at as fun was slowly turning to obligation for the group, their numbers dwindling from fifteen to ten to five.

The food was delicious and the walk back from the restaurant had provided a much needed break from close quarters and four containing walls. Now, back within the confines of Jessica’s small home, the five drank and watched as the hands of the clock crawled around it’s face - all wondering when someone would call the night over so they could all leave and return to their lives.

“I hate Easter. It’s such a waste of time. I mean, what does it mean to me? I’m not hardcore Christian.” Jessica shrugged and sipped her whiskey. The ice popped and clinked in her glass as she swirled it with her finger to spread the chill. “It’s more for my parents now, really.”

“I hear that.” Michael raised his glass in salute, then drank. He smiled sheepishly to Jessica. He eyed her and hoped she would offer up her bed to him again tonight. It had been so very comfortable the night before.

Rose snarled at her wine glass, leaned forward and slid it back onto the small table before her. “I think that I’m officially past the legal limit. I think I’m done with this for now.” She leaned back and crossed her legs slowly while scanning the room to see if anyone was eyeing them. She knew Michael would, the cad, but she always liked knowing people were watching. “What time is it, anyway?”

“Eleven.” Jon Checked his watch. “Eleven-forty. Hmph. The time got away from me again.” He smiled. “That’s been happening a lot lately. I just out.” H smiled and looked around the room.

Brian walked out of the kitchen juggling some small, plastic water glasses. He moved to the table in the center of the room and put the five glasses down awkwardly. He then passed them out to the group and said, “The cure for a hangover is staying hydrated. If you keep water in your system, you’ll be far better off tomorrow morning.”

Rose grinned and winked. “Always watching over us, aren’t you, Lovely?”

Brian grinned back, his eyes dropping briefly to Rose, her legs, and her flashed black panties. It was an instant that Rose was waiting for. A glimpse of Brian being a normal, healthy male. He always seemed so far above it, unlike Michael and his frat boy self.

“Good call.” Jon raised his water glass to Brian and drank deeply.

“I like the headache the next day. It helps to remind me not to drink so much next time.” Michael laughed, but took the glass anyway.

“How’s that working out for you?” Jessica shook her head and sighed.

“Do what you like. You’re all adults...for the most part.” Brian chuckled to himself and sipped his water.

“Such a nice guy.” Rose leaned back and drake her water down. “Always the nice, caring guy. Knight in shining armor type. A true gentleman?” She held her glass empty water glass out. “More?”

“Is that a bad thing?” Brian arched his brow and took Rose’s glass. He took Rose’s glass and moved back towards the kitchen to refill it.

“Not bad, just rather safe, don’t you think?” Rose liked where this was going. She saw the embers of the dying evening spark back to life. She called out towards the kitchen, “I mean, I look at Michael and don’t thing about a gentleman.” She shot a smile towards Michael. “No offense.”

“None taken,” he said as he wiggled his eyebrows and slapped Jessica’s backside.

Jessica tried to look annoyed, but a shadow of a smile snuck in around the edges of the frown as she allowed herself to be hugged by him.

“And Jon, here. He’s a sweetheart, but he has his little dark secrets. Don’t you, Jonny?” Rose giggled and Jon waved a hand at her.

“Oh, Honey, you know it!” Jon laughed and fanned himself.

“But our friend Brian here is so clean.” Rose took the water glass from Brian when he returned. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, M’lady.” Brian smirked and moved back to his spot against the wall. “So, you’re saying that I have to pump up my secrets and be Michael here?” He jerked a thumb towards the snuggling couple. “Rough up a bit?”

“Sure.” Rose shrugged. “Take some risks? Be a little...bad, maybe?” She crossed her legs again and rested her glass on her knee.

“Hmmm...” Brian nodded and thought it over.

Jon said nothing.

“He’d make a good God, you know?” Jessica shrugged out from Michael’s grip to get a little space.

“Like Zeus or one of the other Greek Gods. Playing with people’s lives. Making them do things.”

“I’d be a kind and forgiving God.” Brian laughed. “And giving.”

“I bet.” Rose snorted. “We’d all just have to worship you.”

“And build temples to me and things. I think I’d like that.” Brian grinned.

“Would virgins be involved?” Michael laughed.

“A kind and thoughtful God.” Rose eyed Brian and let the wine swirl around in her head with the thoughts.

“I’ve seem Brian be bad before. He’s not all love and gentlemanly qualities, darlin’.” Jon pursed his lips. “He’s not a saint.” He looked over to Brian, smiled and said, “No offense.”

Brian grinned.

“Oh?” Rose perked up. “Do tell.”

Brian sat down on the chair opposite Rose and looked towards Jon. “Sure, let her rip. What’d I do?”
Jon shook his head and sipped.

“Oh come on, man.” Michael motioned for Jon to speak. “Spill it. You can’t just put something out like that and not follow up.”

“Let’s just say that Brian here is more like Dr. Jekyll than Zeus. He has some skeletons. He’s done some shit.” Jon laughed a knowing laugh and looked over to Brian. “Huh, Doc?” He giggled and wiggled his head a bit from side to side.

“Maybe. Maybe.” A slow, wry smile crossed Brian’s face and Rose saw something change within it. Something went slightly dark about his eyes.

“Well? You going to say?”

Brian placed his glass down and crossed his legs. “Maybe not. I think I prefer to keep my little secrets locked up tight with no key in sight. Safer that way. No one gets hurt.”

It was Jon’s turn to snort out a laugh.

Jessica’s smile faded as she thought back. “I think we’re all better off that way. I for one don’t need to see that.” She shifted uncomfortably. “Keep your little secrets locked up and that key tucked away where ever you keep it.” She stared for a moment, then managed to let her smile return.

Rose smiled, but her brows furrowed. “Ok...what’s going on here? What the hell did I miss?”

“Nothing worth going into.” Brian smiled and let his eyes drop to Rose’s legs. He scanned her from ankle to hips to chest then back up to her eyes. He smiled a sly smile and winked.

Rose cocked her head to the side and looked puzzled letting out a nervous little laugh.

“To secrets among friends, huh?” Michael laughed and grabbed his glass. He raised it to his friends and muttered, “No matter how much it creeps everyone out.” He laughed and drank the water down.

Brian raised his glass, looked around the room at his dear, dear friends, and sipped his water.

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