Monday, December 29, 2008


It was pretty much the best weather the City had all summer. I went for a run. That was nice. I showered and got back out into the sun as fast as I could. The trip down to Kelly’s place was amazing. I was going to take the bus, but the weather was too good to miss out on. I walked briskly, switching to the shady side of the street when I got too warm. My iPod was blasting RJD2 and I had a bounce in my step.
When I got to her place, she answered the door wearing shorts and a bikini top and drinking a beer. Her dark hair fell over her shoulders and her sun freckles looked like they had multiplied since the last time I saw her.
Her face was serious and calm. She slid the bottle of beer over her breast and whispered, “It took you forever to get over here. I almost gave up on you.” She held out the bottle and I took it.
“Sorry, I walked over.” I took a swig as she removed her bikini top and tossed it over her shoulder.
One of her neighbors wandered past her apartment towards the laundry room. If they saw her, they didn’t say anything.
Kelly turned and her slim hips swayed languidly as she moved down the hallway towards the bedroom. I followed her, watching as she removed her shorts and kicked them away. She was like a dancer – fluid and graceful. Her thong was next. She leaned against the bedroom door and slid it down her legs. “Come in. Close the door. Make yourself comfortable.” She turned and ran a finger over her small, tanned breast. She licked her lips and let her hand slide down between her legs.
She didn’t have to tell me twice.

It was pretty much the best weather the City had all summer. We all were hanging out in the park and it was just a beautiful thing. Tom had his drum and he played it while Cathy and Sammy danced.
I checked the time, took another toke, then said my goodbyes. “Gotta split. I promised Kelly I’d come by.” I brushed off my jeans and pulled on my shirt. “Later.”
I made my way through the park and scored another bag on the way to Kelly’s.
When I got there. Kelly was out in the back yard painting a sign that said U.S. OUT NOW. She had red paint on her cheek and looked so cute. Her dress drifted on the cool breeze her dark hair was tied back with a tie-dyed scarf. When the sun was right, I could see right through the dress.
“Took you long enough.” She grinned. “Out here painting these up all by myself in the sun, man. Not cool.”
I waved the baggie in front of her face and she whispered, “But I forgive you.”
We laughed and fell onto the grass – our hands exploring.
“Let’s go inside, Baby?”
We managed to get to our feet and move inside before anyone called the cops.

The sun was hot and warm and I picked Kelly up around 1pm. I heard her Father barking at her as I moved up the driveway. Wow - the guys voice carried like he was using a megaphone.
“And, where are you to driving to?”
I knocked.
“Coming!” Kelly’s voice was as warm as the sun. The door opened and she rolled her eyes and mouthed, “He’s such a bore.”
“Hello, Mr. Roth. Were you able to get out and enjoy some of this weather today?” I smiled. “Ideal for golf, right? Did you get your new clubs?”
Her father drifted over to the door and his face softened. “Well, not yet. Haven’t had time to go over and pick them up yet.”
“Well, don’t waste this day, Sir.” I shook his hand. “I’ll have Kelly home by…eight? I thought we’d just go for a drive and get something to eat.”
He arched his brow and smiled. “Well, like you said, it’s a beautiful day and it’d be a shame to waste it. Make it nine. You two have a nice time.”
We waved and walked to the car. Even with the windows down it was super hot.
I backed into the street and beeped the horn as we moved off for the day. When we were further down the road, I pulled over into the shade. Kelly looked at me shyly.
“What’s wrong?” She blinked.
I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
She giggled and looked around. “You’re going to get us in trouble.” She blushed.
I gave her cheek a pinch and laughed. “You’re the ginchiest!”

The weather was ideal. Some of the best we’ve had in a long while, I tell you. It was a fabulous day for tea.
I walked up the path to Ms. Roth’s home and knocked. The sun beat down on my back and I began to perspire. I couldn’t show up looking like some ruffian. I removed my hat and wiped my brow with my handkerchief.
The door opened and Ms. Roth’s Father loomed before me.
“Well hello my boy. Right on time as usual, eh?” He smiled and nodded as he took my hand. “Come in before you’re baked alive out there.” He motioned me inside and I swept my handkerchief back into my pocket.
“Thank you, Sir.”
“We’re taking tea on the back porch. There’s a nice breeze today and the oaks will keep things cool. This way.”
He lead me through the house to the back yard and our into the garden. The sun filtered through the trees and the cool breeze raced over my forehead – a Godsend.
Then, I saw her. She was beautiful. An Angel. She sat up and turned her head towards me ever so slightly. She was a vision. Her skin glistened as she twirled her parasol and smiled in my direction. I blushed. He dress was a bright yellow and it reflected the sun’s bright light. I blushed again as I glanced at the buttons down her side. They were like pearls.
“Mr. Cole – I’m glad you could make it this afternoon.” She smiled kindly and her lashes flittered playfully.
“Of course. I wouldn’t miss it. Thank you for your invitation.” I bowed my head and glanced over to Mr. Roth. He nodded and I made my way towards her. “Thank you…for making a place for me at your table.” I took her hand in mine and held it for a moment. The smooth silk of her glove sent shivers up my arm. We looked into each others eyes and held the glance for what seemed like an eternity.
“Now now you two lovebirds. We’ll have none of that foolishness here today.” Mrs. Roth’s voice sing songed from the garden and I jerked my hand back awkwardly as Mr. Roth bellowed out a laugh. “The neighbors will be talking. Sit. Sit, now.”
I smiled awkwardly and sputtered out a laugh as Mrs. Roth took a seat next to her daughter. Mr. Roth sat next to her and I took a chair across from Ms. Roth.
I was in heaven. I was so close to her - able to sneak glances at her and exchange sweet smiles. I was in heaven.
This was a fabulous summer. My best summer ever.

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