Monday, June 11, 2007


“One, two, three…”
The hammer came down again and again sending wood splinters flying in all directions. Bits of paint flecked bits flew up and hit against Spider Baby’s safety glasses and stuck in her black and gold hair. She brushed the dust and flakes off her t-shirt and coughed.
She thought back on the past night’s events, then dropped the hammer and picked up the steel baseball bat. Shouldn’t make her feel odd, what happened. It was all agreed on before hand and should have been fine, really. Even though it got messed up and the dog got loose. And the fire, well, got loose too.
The bat cut through the air and glass shattered and flew into a thousand pieces. She lost her grip on the handle and almost lost the bat out the front windows. Shit, that’d be the end of things for sure. She stomped over the glass, wood and porcelain shards and her heavy boots crushed small bits into smaller bits. She really should have had better gloves for this.
Spider Baby raised the bat again, took aim at the lamp then let fly. She missed, but connected with the fish tank on the follow through sending one hundred and fifty gallons of salt water and three thousand dollars worth of rare fish spilling out onto the fine wood flooring.
She felt bad about the fish. They were just innocent victims. Just like her.
She rested the bat on her shoulder, surveyed the living room, then nodded to herself and adjusted her glasses. One room down, five to go.

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